1. What is Forum Poster ?
  2. What message boards does it post to?
  3. Isn't it a spam-bot?
  4. What are the limitations on the trial-version?
  5. In which topic will it post the message ?
  6. Can I post messages in Arabic Language using the encoding "windows-126"?
  7. Where in the forum does the software post the topic? Does it just post one topic per site or does it post a topic in each forum of the site?
  8. How long does my messages remain on the boards?
  9. I already have a forum account. do I need to re-register?
  10. When I tried to post it says "Account need active" What does it mean ?
  11. I found a bug in the software. Should I tell you?
  12. However I find that it goes through very long periods of not actually posting anything.
  13. Why posting messages in forums is more efficient than spamming through email?
  14. What is 'Forum ID'?
  15. How to identify 'Forum ID'?
  16. What is 'Topic ID'?
  17. How to identify 'Topic ID'?
  18. $140 is just to much - if there anyway I could get it cheaper.
  19. How many forum address in the Mass database?
  20. Will this message 'posted by forum poster v3' still be there after registration?
  21. Can I resell Forum Poster?

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